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"truly one of the best long weekends of my life"




"If anyone is wondering if the Boost Camp is as good as it looks then I'd have to say it's much better than any pictures or videos can describe ! Don't hesitate – do it !


I still can't believe the variety of sport and activities that we experienced - to be honest I found the whole program worked so well together that it didn't feel like a hard core Boost Camp but more a roller coaster of exercise combined with the lifting of spirits that such beautiful locations (and company !) can provide.


David's a natural motivator and you forget that the aim of all of this is all about getting your body 'back on track' as you're just following the flow as he takes you through the sorts of challenges you might have had to think about doing at all without him around.


Truly one of the best 'long weekends' of my life – certainly one of the most memorable – and one I'll be returning to as soon as a space comes free in Davids schedule!".


Chris from Richmond Upon Thames.

"As the only girl in the group, I was at first a little bit nervous. But before I knew it,  I was taken by the friendly atmosphere, the fun and the cheerfulness, and David made sure I was not lost on the way!


Everyone was very supportive with a fantastic team spirit. The activities provided a lot of variety and the right level of challenge. I absolutely loved the rafting, I would do it again any time!


Our hiking and cycling took us through some magnificent scenery, I never suspected the Bulgarian forest and mountains could be so beautiful.


My only regret is that we did not get enough time for the horse riding excursion, but it gives me a good excuse to return! Thank you David, your Boost's Bulgarian Boot Camp was great!"


Magali from Thames Ditton, Surrey